Sat Nam,

In 2021, during this time of COVID, 3HO will be offering a full schedule of online events.  We will miss being together in person, but we hope you will join us to experience dynamic Kundalini classes, morning sadhanas, concerts, and connection with your Kundalini community from around the world.  All from the comfort of your home. See our Online Events Calendar here.

Yogi Bhajan recommended camping upon the beautiful land of Guru Ram Das Puri to keep us connected to the Earth and to each other. Children especially benefit from this opportunity. The beautiful environment fosters yogic ideals of simplicity and harmony with the environment, oneself, and each other.

Your child’s time at camp is spent being physically active, spiritually aware, and away from mainstream culture. Children stay in rustic cabins, close to nature. Each child will need to bring their own sleeping bag/blankets, and pillow. If necessary, children under 7 may stay with their mothers who are attending International Women’s Camp at night, while older children stay overnight at the youth camp.

Bathing facilities are rustic. Fully enclosed outdoor showers offer an opportunity for experiencing Ishnaan, or cold-water hydrotherapy. That is, there is only cold water for bathing. Both flush toilets and porta-potty toilets are available at KYC.

Camper Equipment List: Things to Bring

Please label all of your child’s belongings.


Sneakers (Velcro for 3 – 6 year olds)
Shower shoes
7 – 10 pair socks
7 – 10 underpants
Pull-ups (if needed)
1 sweatshirt
Rain jacket/poncho
1 warm jacket
2 long pants
2 sets White Bana (Gurdwara clothes)
4 turbans/head coverings
6 – 8 shorts
6 – 8 t-shirts
2 pair of pajamas
Bathing suit



Hair detangler (if necessary)
Hair ties
Sun block
Lip balm
Insect repellent

Camping Items

Water backpack (camel-pack) essential
Water bottle
Sheepskin/mat (for yoga)
Sleeping bag and pad
Laundry bag labeled with name
Spending money ($5 – 10)
Good book(s)
(Note: please limit family photo, personal games, and toys to one favorite)

Items to Leave at Home

The following items are NOT permitted at KYC: all food items, CD players/iPods,
hair dryers, hatchets, knives*, candles, electronic games, keyboards, breakable
bottles, aerosol sprays, and pets.

*If your child is bringing a kirpan (ceremonial Sikh knife) to camp for Gurdwara,
please notify the Camp Director.

Items Not Permitted

Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, and herbs are prohibited. Possession
and/or use of these substances will cause immediate removal from camp
without refund.

If your child is bringing prescribed medication, please notify the Camp Director on-site
to provide information on dosage, frequency, etc. and to arrange storage.

Guru Ram Das Puri is located in the Jemez Mountains west of the town of Española, New Mexico. Its scenic and remote location requires coordination between multiple forms of transportation and, therefore, some pre-planning.

When you arrive on site, please check in at registration.

Air Travel

Albuquerque, New Mexico, has the closest major airport (ABQ is the airport code) and services most major carriers. Contact your preferred airline, travel webpage, or travel agent to find specific flight information.

Independent Shuttle Service

The following independent shuttle services are available to transport you between the Albuquerque airport and the Guru Ram Das Puri campsite:

White Buffalo Specialty Shuttle Service


[email protected]

3HO Foundation does not endorse transportation providers nor are we affiliated with these companies.

The Inexpensive Public Transportation Option

For those seeking an option costing less than $10 and who do not mind an extended travel time, there is a way to get from the Albuquerque airport to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle building at the base of the dirt road to Ram Das Puri. Note: you should only choose this option if you can arrange transportation from the base of the dirt road to Guru Ram Das Puri. 

  • Click Here to use Google's public transportation tool.
  • Be sure to enter accurate times that coincide with your flight arrival.
  • Review the time it will take you to reach New Mexico Motor Vehicle, it can sometimes take quite long (5+ hours).


Traveling by train can be cheap and convenient. Amtrak stops in Albuquerque. From there, separate transportation to Guru Ram Das Puri will need to be arranged.


Greyhound stops in three cities in the area: Albuquerque (2.5 hours from site), Santa Fe (1 hour from site), or Taos (1.25 hours from site). From there, separate transportation to Guru Ram Das Puri will need to be arranged.


  • Click here for a map to Guru Ram Das Puri, the Solstice site, from Santa Fe, NM.
  • Click here for directions from the Albuquerque airport.

You can also use MapQuest or Google Maps to map your own driving directions to Española, New Mexico.

  • The final 8 mile approach to Guru Ram Das Puri is a dirt, forest service road labeled 31 Mile Road on most maps. The safe speed limit on 31 Mile Road is 20 mph. The road is used regularly by large trucks and may be patrolled by law enforcement officers who will give tickets for speeding. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY on this portion of your trip.

Driving directions from Albuquerque:

  • Take I-25 North towards Santa Fe, approximately 55 miles.
  • In Santa Fe, take Exit 282B, signed for St. Francis Drive and Hwy 285/84.
  • Drive north through Santa Fe, following signs for Hwy 285/84
  • Continue north on Hwy 285/84 to Española, approximately 25 miles.
  • In the town of Española, Hwy 285/84 turns into Riverside Drive.
  • Follow Riverside Drive until you come to Fairview Drive (there is a CVS Pharmacy on the left).
  • Turn left onto Fairview and follow it across the bridge to the first signal, at Paseo de Oñate.
  • Go straight through the intersection, Fairview becomes Industrial Park Rd. Heading up the hill, take the first right onto Calle de la Merced.
  • Follow the road as it veers to the west and becomes a gravel road.
  • Follow this road up the mountain for approximately 8 miles.
  • The turn-in to Guru Ram Das Puri is clearly marked on your right.
  • PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY as the road from Española to the site is unpaved, with some dangerous curves.
  • Park your car in the lot and head to the registration area to check in. No cars allowed past the parking lot without special permission.