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Benefits of Shabad Guru


The power of the Shabad Guru works with the responsiveness and subtlety of the mind-body system. By working with the Shabad, you can create great changes in your self from top to bottom, from cells to brain, and from feelings to moods.

The rhythmic Naad of the Shabad Guru engages and synchronizes the flow of thoughts. This produces an inner stillness called shuniya or the “zero-point” in the consciousness.

Drug Factory

Your body is a drug factory. When you work with the prescription of exercise, breath, and attention, it gives your body a chance to produce the chemicals it requires.1 Muscles regenerate and become strong. The glands send ecstatic waves of messengers to declare victory and healing. 

There is a chemistry to our relationships, too. The hormones from the pituitary and the pineal gland are now known to increase the enjoyment of social relationships and the ability to bond with others.

That capacity is yours. It is in your very design. It needs no drugs and no particular belief. It is a result of your whole brain and super-system coming into synchrony. In the Aquarian Age, this can happen via the resonance, rhythm, and sound of the Shabad Guru.

Balancing Inner Chatter

The sophisticated sounds of the Shabad Guru do something very useful for the inner chatter. They balance the inner critical voice and the incessant rationalizations given by the dominant left hemisphere.

When we sing, chant or recite the Shabad Guru in a relaxed and mindful manner, we become aware of our full range of feelings, our inner stories, our concepts and the voice of our higher self – our intuition. While doing naam simran*, the Shabad reorganizes all of that mental and emotional energy into an Infinite pattern. We start to see ourselves and our lives in the context of a timeless, Divine play.

The brain will always produce streams of inner chatter and seek out sensations. It is designed to do that. Do not try to create silence or block your thoughts when chanting. Simply let the sound current match the mind’s thoughts and inner dialogue. Synchronize them with the sounds and the breath.

Individualized Treatment

Any person can use the sound patterns of the Shabad Guru to create balance within him or herself. Each individual will select the special energy he or she needs. An analogy is white light versus the colors of the spectrum. All the colors are in white light. You can absorb from white light just the frequencies you need, instead of choosing what color you need at that particular moment. The sound patterns of the Shabad Guru activate your brain’s healing and sustaining energy. Every person finds, within them, what they need.


*Naam Simran is the remembrance of God's names. It produces a continuous, meditative, longingly creative feeling in which life is experienced as a spiritual flow.