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Cycle of Life by Mirabai Ceiba

Music Review by Ramdesh Kaur, Spirit Voyage

The leaves have fallen to the ground. The trees stand like monuments to their former, full selves.  The sky is darkened and the air brisk with chill.  Everywhere I look, the cycle of life is evident.  It is in the leaves.  It is in the sun falling behind the horizon of rooftops.  It is in the little baby who, giggling nearby, is tightly clasped in the protective arms of his grandfather.

Everything changes.  The seasons, time, our bodies…none of it will ever be precisely the same as it is in this moment, this now.  There is an air of melancholy about this, but there is also incredible power.  Rather than resisting this change, we can tap into the current of life and let it carry us.

Mirabai Ceiba, in their almost indescribably gentle and loving way, guide us on their new meditation album, Cycle of Life, to a place where we can touch and feel this current of life around us.  Listening to their delicate vocals, their sweet guitar and angelic harp, you are lulled into a place of peace and serenity.

The mantra “Ra Ma Da Sa” is one of healing and grace.  It connects you to the forces of the Universe—the sun, the moon, the Earth, and the cosmos—while rooting you directly to the core of your self.  It is perfect to use in yoga class, healing circles, massage, and for your own personal meditation practice.  Mirabai Ceiba, made up of the beautiful husband and wife team Markus and Angelika, sing with such sincerity and sweetness that you cannot help but believe that healing is possible and that it is manifesting as you listen.  They balance each other, just like the cycle of life, one taking the lead, then the other.  There is a beautiful harmony within this track, and it imparts that same harmony into your heart.

“Kirtan Kriya/Sa Ta Na Ma” is a beautiful recording that utilizes their beautiful “Sa Ta Na Ma” but develops it into a full meditation, complete with the required chanting out loud, whispering, and silent meditation (here with lovely instrumentals) parts so that you can use the recording to accompany you in a 31 minute Kirtan Kriya practice.  You will be supported and sustained while the 31 minutes fly by as you get lost in the beauty of Mirabai’s voices.  Kirtan Kriya connects you to the Infinite and to the infinity of your own life cycle.

When you have finished these deep and transformative meditations, Mirabai Ceiba, in their first instrumental track, “Savasana,” guide you into a space of deep relaxation.  You can feel the heartbeat of the Universe within their music.  You are guided here to a place outside the cycle of life, to a place where you are unborn and undying.  The healing process of “Ra Ma Da Sa” and the transformative nature of “Sa Ta Na Ma” move you into a connection with your True Self, your Infinity.

Mirabai Ceiba always creates music with breathtaking loveliness, but on this album, they convince you of the breathtaking loveliness of your own Soul.  The leaves may fall on the trees around you, the sun may set, and someday the baby at my feet will be an old man, but the Divine that shines through all as All, remains constant within this beautiful Cycle of Life.

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Ramdesh Kaur is the content writer and editor of Spirit Voyage's blog. She became a Kundalini Yoga teacher studying with Gurmukh in Rishikesh, India, where she stayed and taught Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She can be contacted at [email protected]