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Kundalini Yoga for the Heart

Kundalini kriyas for the heart work on both the physical heart and the heart center. Try this 7-part kriya and strengthen and open your heart. 

Tune In: Sit in Easy Pose, with your spine straight. Join your palms together at your heart center, thus joining the sun and moon energies, prana and apana, creating a balance within. Call on the Creator within by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times.

1. Keeping your palms together, begin long deep breathing for 3 minutes, focusing your concentration on the beat of your heart.

2. Come into Back Platform Pose, with your weight on your heels and elbows. Your hands form fists at the sides of your chest and from toe to head your body is a perfectly straight line. Do long deep breathing for 3 minutes. Relax.

3. Sit on your heels with a straight spine in Rock Pose. Lock your hands together, so that each is pulling on the other, with one thumb straight up and the other straight down. Your hands join together in front of your heart center, the pivot point. On the inhale, raise your left elbow up and, keeping a straight line between your elbows, lower your right elbow.
On the exhale, raise your right elbow and lower your left elbow. As you fall into a rhythm, quicken the pace. After 1½ minutes, inhale, exhale, and proceed to the next exercise.

4. In the same posture as exercise 3, inhale and with your arms parallel to the floor, pull with maximum force at your hands. Exhale and engage root-lock (mulbandh)* while you pull on your hands. Inhale and repeat the same process 3 more times. Then relax in Easy Pose.

5. In Easy Pose, have your right arm down in active Gyan Mudra (thumb locked over index fingertip with the rest of the fingers straight), wrist resting on the knee. Your left arm is raised at your side at a 60 degree angle to the floor. Engage Root Lock (mulbandh) and breathe long and deep for 5 minutes. Your eyes should be open and focused straight ahead on one point.

6. Place your right hand palm down on your chest, at the heart center. Place your left hand palm up on your back, just opposite your right hand. Feel the flow of energy between your hands. As you deeply inhale and exhale, concentrate on the energy at your heart center. Inhale Sat, exhale Naam. Continue for 5 minutes.

7. Relax on your back.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.