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Jewels of Silence by Ashana


Music Review by Ramdesh Kaur,

Open the door to your heart. Sit a spell. Feel the radiance of your own soul. And listen. Can you hear it? There is magic and mystery to the sound of your own vibration, to the pulse and whir of your cells working together, your organs pumping away, and your synapses buzzing. Guiding all these gentle sounds is the powerful hum of the Universe, the Om and the Ong. Within the center of your being is a recording of the symphony of the Universe.

Ashana has put that internal experience of the vibration of creation into a recording. Imagine that. But Ashana’s Jewels of Silence is not an album of sacred music. It’s not even really a meditation album. It is a vibrational experience of your own Infinity, a musical dance with your own Soul.

Ashana sings on Jewels of Silence in a very special way. She vocalizes bija mantras, which are seed mantras or sounds without any specific translation, but which correspond to a chakra and have great transformational power. Bija mantras are like the language of the Universe rather than humans, and they are an important part of sound healing. Even Ashana’s voice is more angelic than human. She sounds as if there is a radio transmitter in the angelic realm that is turned on so we can hear her.

If you listen closely to the crystal singing bowls she plays, you will hear that each has its own personality and voice. Ashana’s singing bowls are quartz bowls that have been infused with crystals while being forged. This allows them to carry the energy of the crystals, which transmit and magnify energy, so that the song itself carries a healing current and vibration to open each chakra (up to an including the 18th chakra, according to Ashana). You can hear the individual song of Laughing Buddha (Iron), Aqua Gold, Mother of Platinum, Platinum, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Moldavite, Indigo (Vanadium), Indium, Ocean Gold, and Amethyst bowls.

Jewels of Silence lifts and suspends you. If you close your eyes, you can feel your body lighten and sway on the current of the Universe. Your brainwaves immediately re-pattern. If you use it to meditate, you are able to connect with your true self as a timeless, eternal being, without beginning and without end. It is something beyond healing that occurs. It is an experience of Infinity. Any healers, massage therapists, energy workers, reiki masters, etc. should try using this album in their session and see if they perceive a magnification in effect from the combination of the bija mantras with the alchemy crystal singing bowls. If you are a mother with a child who has trouble sleeping, playing this music softly in their rooms at night will allow their sensitive souls to return to a place of beauty and comfort, and you can play it in your own room for your own peace.

The first track, Heart of Gaia, corresponds to the Root Chakra and brings the listener to a place of grounding and security. The tonality is in C, and each subsequent song goes up the Western scale ending in B tonality, thus clearing and cleaning the chakras one at a time from root to crown.

Each song is liquid velvet and a natural medicine for the aura. If I had to choose a favorite, I might select Hymn, which corresponds to the Heart Chakra. Ashana’s voice and the voice of her singing bowls reach through the air and into your heart, gently taking hold of any hurt your heart might store and blowing a cosmic wind on it that makes the pain melt away.

The production and keyboard wizardry on this album was done by Thomas Barquee, Ashana’s longtime collaborator and the producer of Spirit Voyage’s own Snatam Kaur. Thomas’s musical sensitivity is stunning, and he effortlessly weaves bansoori flute, esraj, and santoor around her crystal singing bowls with delicate precision. Both Ashana and Thomas are masters of improvisation, and you can feel the organic way that the tracks on this album emerged from the ethers. Both Thomas and Ashana opened themselves up to the Universe to channel healing through sound.

Ashana’s Jewels of Silence is from another world, a better world, a world in which surgery is done by sound and travel done by light. It is from a world where unconditional love is as common as a handshake and deep peace is the standard operating procedure for every soul. Ashana is a goddess on this other world, this world of stillness and joy. She dances along the lines of sound and silence, weaving effortlessly the silken strands of healing into a blanket to place over the wounded. In the silence of your own soul, she kneels before you, bowing to the light within your heart, and offers you these jewels, these precious Jewels of Silence.

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