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Meditation for Peace

“The Meditation for Peace is a meditation to create a state of peace on planet Earth. Some may question how simply chanting a mantra can bring Peace. The Yoga of Sound, or Naad Yoga, creates certain sound currents and changes the brain chemistry of the individual chanting. Sound penetrates physical matter and can transform molecular structure, thereby making it a unique tool for transformation. We'd like to inspire people to practice this meditation until a state of peace is realized among people, religions, and nation states of the world.”
- Mata Mandir Singh

Sit in a comfortable posture and chant the Mantra for Peace, alternating it with the Ajai Alai Mantra for 11 – 31 minutes.

Mantra for Peace

Let there be Peace
Let there be Peace of Mind
Let there be Peace with Mankind
Let there be Peace of the States
Let the World dwell within the Force of Peace

Ajai Alai Mantra

Ajai Alai – Invincible, Indestructible.
Abhai Abai – Fearless, Unchanging.
Abhoo Ajoo – Unformed, Unborn.
Anaas Akaas – Imperishable, Etheric
Aganj Abhanj - Unbreakable, Impenetrable.
Alakkh Abhakkh – Unseen, Unaffected.
Akaal Dy-aal – Undying, Merciful
Alaykh Abhaykh – Indescribable, Uncostumed.
Anaam Akaam – Nameless, Desireless.
Agaah Adhaah – Unfathomable, Incorruptible.
Anaathay Pramaathay – Unmastered, Destroyer.
Ajonee Amonee – Beyond birth, Beyond silence.
Na Raagay Na Rangay – Beyond love, Beyond color.
Na Roopay Na Raykhay – Beyond form, Beyond shape.
Akarmang Abharmang – Beyond karma, Beyond doubt.
Aganjay Alaykhay – Unconquerable, Indescribable.

Listen to a recording of the Meditation for Peace by Mata Mandir Singh.