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2013 First Sutra 40 Day Sadhana

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Day 33: Kehar Kaur

3HO Events Operations Manager

Before moving to Espanola last spring, Kehar Kaur spent almost 11 years in the Washington DC area, where she got a degree in Vocal Performance, did many classical singing gigs, worked in online publishing, found Kundalini Yoga, became a teacher, taught a lot of yoga, and learned kirtan. Now she works for 3HO and is loving it. She is patiently and joyously letting her path as a yogini, teacher, singer, and human being unfold as she serves the 3HO global community. When not working, you can find her hiking, dancing, cooking, singing, and generally being a rather silly person.
Poems from Kehar's recording:
Where is the Door to the Tavern? 
Where is the Door to God? 
In the sound of a barking dog, 
In the ring of a hammer, 
In a drop of rain, 
In the face of Everyone I see. 
     from The Gift, Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master, by Daniel Ladinsky

Aval Allah

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