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2013 First Sutra 40 Day Sadhana

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Day 28: MSS Hari Jiwan Singh

Chief of Protocol

Hari Jiwan Singh is a real oddity when it comes to practicing yoga and Sikhism. Born before the “baby boom” generation, his journey is unique: From the hockey rink to the meditation mat; from the frat house to the ashram; from the traditions of Judaism to the discipline of Sikhism. His journey has been a testament to finding the truth in all aspects of life. Hari Jiwan was marked. His journey began with a commitment to Kundalini yoga. It matriculated to serving his Master, Yogi Bhajan, on a daily basis in a way in which he was well prepared. Hari Jiwan states, “I was prepared to spend my life in a Himalayan cave if necessary. But, God had a different plan. I wound up serving my Master from Beverly Hills to Amritsar, India, and all stops in-between. My training and background made me much more experienced in serving a Master who was born in the 1920’s than a baby boomer from the ‘60’s. The Master bridged the gap to serve all and I was blessed to serve part of his needs. So, my unique destiny had a real purpose.”
When a student recognizes that "the other person is you," prejudice becomes a thing of the past. Let's face it, everyone has some prejudice - that's what opinions are about. This sutra mandates a transmission to elevate the student beyond these prejudices. Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Yoga, and Sikhism are great tools to kick the elevating transmission in gear so that balance, unity, understanding, and harmony become the students friend. A balanced life is where God resides.

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