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Yogic Living is the 3HO monthly e-newsletter which includes Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, blogs from our global spiritual community, and yogic recipes. Explore the yogic lifestyle and be inspired, connected, and uplifted.

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2022 Yogic Living Content:

January: Vol. 1 Getting Clear; Vol. 2 Creating Calm

February: Vol. 1 Opening the Heart; Vol. 2 Strengthen the Nervous System


2021 Newsletter Content:

January: Looking with Hope to the New Year

February: Love is Boundless

March: Vol. 1 Breath Basics; Vol. 2 Aquarian Age

April: Vol.1 Emotional Balance; Vol. 2 Neutral Mind

May: Vol. 1 Sound & Mantra; Vol. 2 The Spiritual Warrior

June: Vol. 1 Abundance & Prosperity; Vol. 2 The Navel Point

July: Vol. 1 Destress with the Breath; Vol. 2 Get Unstuck

August: Vol. 1 Energize; Vol. 2 Meditation Basics

September: Vol. 1 Build Intuition; Vol. 2 Open Your Heart

October: Vol. 1 Magnetic Field; Vol. 2 Stress Busters

November: Vol. 1 Deep Refreshing Sleep: Vol.2 Gratitude

December: Vol. 1 Cultivate Kindness; Vol. 2 Practice Peace


2020 Newsletter Themes: 

January: Create the Life You Want

February: Deepen Your Personal Practice

March: Boost Your Immune System

April: Alleviate Anxiety and Fear

May: Finding Wholeness & Healing

June: Yogic Numerology & the Ten Bodies of Light

July: Deep Listening

August: Finding Inner Calm

September: Get Grounded, Calm, and Strong

October: Remote Learning and Relaxing Sleep

November: Alleviate Your Stress

December: Open to Peace, Joy, and Love


2019 Newsletter Themes: 

January: 3HO's 50th Anniversary

February: Opening the Heart to Greater Love

March: Live to Give

April: The Spiritual Warrior—Courage, Integrity and Grace

May: From Isolation to Connection & Community

June: Karma vs Dharma—Choose Your Path

July: Transform Your Anger to Your Purpose

August: What to do When You are in Crisis - A Personal SOS Guide

September: How You Can Soothe an Anxious Mind

October: A Guide to Yogic Parenting

November: Surround Yourself with Protection

December: Access Your Inner Guidance


2018 Newsletter Themes: 

January: Intuition—Your Guiding Star

February: Feel Secure in Unsure Times

March: Women Leading

April: Sadhana Makes You Crystal Clear

May: Tantric Numerology & the Ten Bodies

June: Prana—The Sacred Breath of Life

July: Sending Love, Light, and Healing Across Time and Space

August: Your Auric Shield

September: Bring Peace into Your Heart, Your Home, Our World

October: Staying Calm in Chaotic Times

November: Live to Give

December: The Healing Power of Deep Relaxation


2017 Newsletter Themes: 

January: Spiritual Activism—Engage & Uplift

February: Unity—Finding Oneness

March: Woman—Creative, Sacred, Invincible

April: Serving Mother Earth

May: Vibrate the Cosmos

June: The Gift of Yoga

July: Emotional Balance

August: From Vision to Manifestation

September: Changing Habits by Rewiring the Brain

October: The Power of Sound to Transform & Heal

November: The Challenges of the Aquarian Age

December: Generous Heart, Generous Spirit


2016 Newsletter Themes:

January #1: Japji—The Song of the Soul

January #2: Coping with Stress and Sudden Shock

February: Loving Relationships (with Venus Kriyas)

March: Deep Cleansing for Body and Mind

April: Shaping Our Future - Our Children, Ourselves, Our Society

May: The 4th Sutra - Understand through Compassion or You Will Misunderstand the Times

June: The Power of Living in Community

July: Authentic Identity

August: Finding the Teacher Within

September: The Mantra Toolkit

October: Trauma & Addiction Recovery

November: The Power of Giving

December: The Miracle of Peace


2015 Newsletter Themes:

January: Teaching in the Aquarian Age 

February: Love and Family 

March: Motherhood 

April: The 3rd Sutra of the Aquarian Age—When the Time is on You, Start, and the Pressure will be Off 

May: The Summer Solstice Experience

June: Celebrate the Summer Season

July: The 3HO Yogic Lifestyle 

August: Acceptance & Tolerance

September: Peace and Prayer 

October: The Ten Bodies

November: Healing Body, Mind, and Soul

December: The Key to Prosperity


2014 Newsletter Themes:

January: The Aquarian Teacher

February: Selfless Love

March: The Sensory Human

April: Cleansing & the Yogic Diet

May: Adi Shakti—Primal Power

June: Summer Solstice and the 2nd Sutra—There is a Way through Every Block

July: Living in Community

August: Spiritual Activism

September: Let There Be Peace

October: The Aquarian Man

November: There is a Way through Every Block

December: Attitude of Gratitude


2013 Newsletter Themes:

January: Healthy, Happy, and Holy

February: Authentic Relationships

March: Radiant Beauty

April: The Capacity to Heal

May: The Power of Mantra

June: Join Us at Summer Solstice!

July: Sadhana

August: The Three Minds

September: Conscious Communication

October: Open the Doors to Prosperity

November: Seva - Selfless Service

December: Gratitude