Music | 3HO International


Music has been an important part of the 3HO lifestyle since the early days in the late 60s. Starting out with a 3HO 'hippie' strumming a guitar here and there, the explosion of 3HO chant, kirtan, meditation, and yoga music continues to expand across the sound waves. Yogi Bhajan said our songs inspire, open hearts, and buid and sustain the spirit of a nation.

"The power of the song and the smile is the most divine power a human can enjoy. Make the songs, make the music. Reach every heart. Open up every heart. Bring to the consciousness of the people the message of tranquility, grace, nobility, and peace. As long as the people can smile and they can sing their songs, no nation can be destroyed."
-Yogi Bhajan, I am a Woman, p. 36