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Living Your Destiny

By Sewa Singh Khalsa

Lately, I have noticed that many people, independent of their age, are feeling a deep calling to fulfill a more meaningful destiny. They express it in many ways and often have a deep  memory of having this longing from early childhood. Somewhere along the way it was dulled, daunted, crushed, ignored or otherwise put on the back burner, but now the spark has become too hot to ignore any longer. 

These people are drawn to all manner of spiritual, religious or mystical Lights in the world, but have not yet felt they have found the "right" path, technology, mission, job, duty or other activity that will satisfy this newly re-activated longing or desire.

As you may know, Yogi Bhajan referred so often to the "longing to belong."  It appears that this longing is being amplified at this time, yet in so many cases the longing has not been satisfied.

I look to Taoism for relief here: Lao Tsu taught that "The way to Do, is to Be." If we can change the focus from "what should I do to fulfill my highest destiny?" to "how should I be to fulfill my highest destiny?" then we address the core of the duality of spiritual desire by acting on our own internal mastery. 

Instead of running around seeking something that may temporarily satisfy us intellectually or emotionally, for our spiritual hunger we need dynamic internal systemic changes. Using the sacred technology of Nam Simran (meditation on the Nam), we change the molecular nature of our brain, entire nervous system, and the very nature of our being. By elevating our basic vibrational structure, all of our actions then flow naturally.

Many great scriptures and teachers have reminded us that the purpose of life is to remember the Infinite with every breath. When the creative mind creates an internal mantric healing sound, coordinated with the breath, on the inhale and exhale, while our internal ears listen to it as it is created, our reality expands beyond action and reaction. 

We become naturally synchronized at the molecular level and everything we do from that base fulfills our Natural Destiny. Many great saints did unremarkable daily jobs, yet elevated thousands of people. They were empowered in this way because they were being attentive to changing their core being by remembering the Infinite with every breath through prayer, meditation, focused internal devotion, constant heart-centered gratitude, or other sacred technologies of internal mastery.

Yogiji  reminded us to practice "an attitude of gratitude."  This was not just a suggestion to be vaguely thankful; it was a directive to practice the technologies at hand that have the power to change our very core beings, from the physical to the most subtle levels. This way we may "be" elevated human beings whose actions, from the core, all congruently manifest our highest destinies, with complete ease and fluidity.

My prayer is that something I have expressed here may serve to support others on the spiritual path.

"If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all.  ~ Yogi Bhajan 

Sewa Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 40 years and has been providing counseling to couples and individuals based on Kundalini and White Tantric Yoga technology for 35 years. He holds an MFA from University of Washington and has taught at Eastern Washington University, Western Washington University and University of Washington.