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The 3HO Lifestyle Means Serving at Any Age

By Navraj Kaur

July 16, 2015 marked the beginning of my 65th year on planet earth. I never realized the fact of my age as much as I have in the months leading up to this date. I've learned many things in life and most of the important lessons have come since I began living a yogic lifestyle in 2011. Better late than never as the saying goes.

Living the life of a yogi has been made a bit easier by the fact that I am now retired and do not have the pressures of daily life weighing on my spirit. That's not to say it's been an easy ride. It hasn't. It hasn't been easy because, despite knowing early retirement was coming at age 62, it seemed like all of a sudden I had no role to fill. It took a while for me to be happy about this.

It wasn't until I read that Yogi Bhajan said that the first job of a leader is to self-lead; and in order to lead oneself, one has to know oneself. So with all this free time on my hands, I set about doing just that. Now the yogic lifestyle fills my days, my heart, and my mind and gives me the great satisfaction of getting to know me, my authentic self, and learning to hear the voice of my soul.   

In prior years as an active business leader, I considered myself more of a brain on a stick and wasn't very aware of the toll of stress and emotions on my body. In the yogic lifestyle I learned techniques to take care of myself in body, mind and spirit. I learned about nutrition and fasting to cleanse the physical body. I learned about creating a sadhana practice to begin the day by praising God and cleaning the subconscious mind. Even if I still fight with myself about getting up early every morning, after I do it the day has more meaning.

I have learned japa to slay the dragon of the thoughtstream. It's a wonderful feeling whenever a mantra pops into mind, the simran playing so automatically. I learned to use my voice to change my world. My emotional-commotion has diminished and often, I find myself just sitting in gratefulness for all that is.

One of the greatest pleasures of the yogic lifestyle is being asked by people who know me to share the teachings. Every time someone calls me seeking the support of Kundalini Yoga for their challenges in life, I feel so very blessed to lead the way and to have such incredible tools to show them.

The best part is, they don't come to me because I have gone out and marketed myself to the public. They come to me because they see the change in me. They want what I know. It turns out, that living a yogic lifestyle is the best possible way for me to once again take on a leadership role—to be retired and still serve, how lucky I am. Holding the space for the gift of these teachings is truly the highest calling.

Navraj Kaur is passionate about the infinite potential to make the world a better place using the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga & meditation. Currently she is challenging leaders to live above and beyond what they believe they are capable of. With a long career of business behind her, she took what she learned about leadership and combined it with Kundalini Yoga & meditation to offer a holistic perspective on leading through personal transformation. She is happy to serve clients around the world with her own special blend of person-to-person coaching. Therefore, her motto for the Aquarian Age is "Have sheepskin, will travel." Originally from Hudson County, New Jersey, she tells people she is a New York City girl. She has been living in the eastern part of Switzerland since 1984.